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About Spentas

Our commitment

"Human beings and all living creatures living on the earth can live together, human beings continue to enjoy the benefit from the earth as a part of natural system. Isn't it the real face of the earth?
All natural environments such as air, earth, river, sea, and living animals and plants living, there are connected in the star called the earth, and if problems arise somewhere in the chain, it will surely affect other environments . Therefore, it is impossible for nature symbiosis society to realize unless people living on the earth value the familiar natural environment. If we can value nature, the earth will continue to give rich blessings. We think that it is important to have a love and gratitude to our great earth and to be conscious of nature symbiosis at all times.?

With the theme of harmonious coexistence with nature, Spentas Inc. deals with foods and drinks where artificial substances such as agricultural chemicals, additives and preservatives that destroy the environment are not used as much as possible. We provide grace from the earth to everyone and we are working on business to protect nature.
Power of natural food:We believe natural food that received the sunlight, inherited the richness of the soil, are more nutritious than scientific and artificial nutrients and they play a major role in constructing the human.
Fruits are inherently capable of protecting themselves:We believe that the fruits cultivated under the laws of nature without overprotection demonstrate the power of the material to the fullest and have the power to protect themselves.
Fruit as a traditional material:We believe that there have been reason for type of traditional fruit that existed since ancient times . Especially dates, figs and pomegranate which have a long history since ancient Persian times.