Company name      Spentas Inc.


Established        2009


Capital                   JPY10,000,000


President                    Babak Niavarani


Address              1-10-13-902 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 Japan 


Contact                 Tel:03‐6450‐4771 Fax:03‐6450‐4772


Business Content        Import / export and sale of food and beverages, import and sales of

                                                 alcoholic beverages Machinery and parts export. Trading industry,

                       Middle East business development consulting


Products                 Dried fruits, Nuts, juice & juice concentrate, fruits paste etc.


Bank                        SMBC, MUFG, Mizuho Bank



Supplier                       Yar Diamond Nuts Co.

                      Tehran office: Unit 12, 6th floor, No.142, Sarv Bldg., Molla sadra

                                                Factory: First of Neyriz road, Estahban, Fars province, YDN          


                                                Rossen Market Development Co.

                                                Factory: 6th Alley, Imam sq., Caspian industrial estate, Qazvin                                       


                                                Member of the International Nuts & Dried fruits Concil (INC)



Memberof the Japan Dates Association


Spentas Inc. 

1-10-13-902 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan 
Tel: +81-3-6450-4771  Fax: +81-3-6450-4772